We Pay you for 1 Business Quote

We Seek:

The House of Louis Business Institute is continually seeking original business quotes. We, and our clients, prefer the quotes that originate from your own personal experience.

The Quote We Seek:

Is any business related quote, which is original and strictly no more than 25 words. For example: “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

The Prize:

  • We pay $25 for each of only the best quotes we receive.

  • Winning quotes will also be published in our marketing material.

  • We also send the recipient his/her own World Voucher (pre-loaded), which is a Mastercard you can use anywhere in the world and get very special discounts at our 200,000 Hotel gateways.

So, you are well rewarded for your efforts.

How to Enter:

  • Submit an honest response to any of the topics published on The Language of Commerce

  • Secondly, submit your original quote in the same field as the above response.

  • Readers can submit more than one quote, provided it is done on separate topics.

 How do we Identify You?

  • On the Language of Commerce site, we will publish the prize winning quotes by identifying the relevant UserNames as it appeared in the replies.

Thereafter, we have special means to identify the winners.

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