The author of Language of Commerce is Dr Alan Louis. He graduated at the University of Natal in South Africa with a PhD in the faculty of Economics and Business Administration. At the time, it was the first PhD award in the faculty for more than a decade. He is a 3rd generation House of Louis family member, which is a 100 year entrepreneurial family business with interests in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Alan served on over 100 private company boards throughout his 3 decade career. He is the Founder of the “House of Louis Business Academy” and “House of Louis Business Institute“. He is an Ultra-Ironman Triathlete gold medalist and inducted in the IBC, Cambridge England, Hall of Fame for entrepreneurship.

The primary purpose of this blog is to educate Alan’s children in the sophisticated language of commerce, as they enter the family business as the 4th generation. Although written as his private reflections to his children, we hope the public too can find some value in this unique language.

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